Gates and entrances

Main gates, 2014

Main gates, 2014


The Friends of Mary Stevens Park have campaigned for the restoration of the main gates and entrance for many years and we are so thrilled that it will finally happen.

The gates will be taken away, dismantled and repaired.
The stone pillars will be repaired and the bronzed lanterns on top will be brought back into use.
All entrances will be restored and the Stanley Road entrance will be enhanced with new walling.

  1 comment for “Gates and entrances

  1. Roger Thorley
    April 3, 2016 at 6:48 am

    The love lane new fences are put in wrong….

    But you may already know..

    The right hand side slopes up away from gate..

    The left hand side slopes down away from gate…

    Unless they were intended this comical way!

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