The bandstand, 2013

Two of the bandstand’s cast iron columns, which have served in the past as downpipes for drainage, are corroded.
The original Stourbridge coat of arms plaques are also missing.

corrosion small

Corrosion on one of the main pillars (2014)

arms - bandstand

A plaque on the bandstand showing the Stourbridge coat of arms… and one where the coat of arms has been lost (2014)

The forthcoming works in the Park, enabled by Dudley MBC and financed by Heritage Lottery Fund and Big Lottery Fund, will replace parts of the original ironwork and also the Stourbridge coat of arms plaques. The steps will also be replaced with dwarf brick walls topped with sandstone – in keeping with the original look.
A new power supply to the bandstand will also be laid.

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  1. bob keightley
    June 7, 2014 at 12:31 pm

    Hello born in BEECH ROAD NORTON 1941 sept. Living across THE BOGS, SWINFORD COMMON.WE the lads of BEECH ROAD had15 foot high Bonfire every NOVEMBER lit by MR BATES who kept his old engine specialy for this purpose, on one occasion the POLICE asked us to move it, ” it may set fire to the Hedge of Farmer BROWNS field “.THE FIRE WOULD STILL BE BURNING NEXT MORNING . BEECH road was a CUL DE SAC in my early years we could play in the cornfield one year then cows would be birthed in it the next year .also the field with the stream/broook that we played in has children , THE SAME ONE STILL FEEDING MARY STEPHENS PARK TODAY. the Rabbit warrens next to the CRAB APPLE tree , WE would throw crab apples at one another across the brook to sour to eat any year . Played in the park until I was 14/15 years old. Walked to school through the park, to school St josephs opp the Police Station 13 minuets. I remember the celebrations in the Park ? i think this must of been for the end of the war. Yes I was only a young boy. I remember soldiers , RAF dancing . I HAVE COLOUR SLIDES OF THE PARK WHEN IT WAS LIT UP IN AUTUME, WITH LIGHTS IN THE FLOWER BEDS AND ROUND THE LAKE.THE SUPER FETES THE TOWN AND PARK HELD 2/3DAY EVENTS,THE HOG OR OX ROAST , Lots to do lots to see , some times I would get in FREE my dads friend FRANK HEART was a park keeper . YES THIS WAS OUR PARK STOURBRIDGES ” one heart one way “,WORCESTERSHIRES. look at the coat of arms. no black country, but my granddad was a CHAIN MAKER AT BAYLISSES opp the new Tesco on the ring road , years ago THE STOURBRIDGE LION, built in WORCS OR STAFFS ,the river or the cut decide. bob

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