Audio Trail

Mary Stevens Park Audio Trail

This Audio Trail has been compiled from oral history recordings. Volunteers have recorded local people who have fond memories from childhood, family connections or that have been involved in the park restoration. Click on the links below to listen to the different topics and use the map to navigate your way to the different stops in the park. This audio trail is best enjoyed in the park using a smart phone but can be listened to from the comfort of your home or the park cafe.


You can also download the map as a PDF by clicking here.

 1. Cafe and Tea Gardens – A Park for Everyone   Play
 2. Queen’s Drive    Play
 3. The Bandstand    Play
 4. Children’s Play Area    Play
 5. Heath Pool    Play
 6. Sports    Play
 7. Studley Court    Play



We’d like to thank the Mary Stevens History Project volunteers- particularly Stephen Howard, Valerie Jones and Jill Shilvock for their support and hard work.
Special thanks to all those who contributed their memories: Doreen Rutter, Christopher Armfield, Dave Horton, Pat Walters, Eve Akeroyd, Paul Brookes, Barbara Hodgkiss, Colin Burgess, Joan Grieves, Ed Brown, Pat Laight, Ray Whiteway, Ken Jakeman, Jill Shilvock, Paul Turner, Brian Allport, Ray Griffith and Robert Preece.
Thanks also to the staff involved in this project; Vicki Darby Smith of Walk Works CIC, Geoff Broadway the audio artist of Intentional, Rich the map artist and Deborah Merrick – Dudley MBC Heritage Park Ranger